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Join Our THR Business Services Network

Looking for more online opportunities and the right business solution to have a better service connection with business-to-business (B2B) and/or business-to-consumer (B2C) on a single platform?


Build your business online, list your service solutions, showcase and upsell your professionalism services on TheHoppingRabbit digital platform. Have the ability to accelerate your business growth, increase revenue, opened better business opportunities, and be more successful than ever.

Our innovative and digital solution is designed to create a wide range of opportunities, open resources connectivity, seamless user experience, benchmark competitive pricing, flexible business migration as well as achieving a win-win solution with consumers.


The Age of Technology is eliminating human face-to-face interaction on services marketing, below are the common factors you may have thought of before or quite recent:

  • “Having Traditional offline service businesses for many years, what will my business future be?”

  • “Happened to have some spare time on certain days, what if I can make full use of it for additional income?”

  • “Think of Investing an online business website, will it cost or may add-on more burden into my business expenses?”

  • “I am tried of door-door advertising, how can I make my business services are more efficient and productive with lesser advertisement cost?”

  • “Digital Business Transformation is happening at high speed with the threat, how can I hold a portion of the journey with minimal cost-spending?”


Be Part of Our Business Services Network connected with Travel & Transportation Services, Home Services (Locksmith, Handyman, Plumber, Renovator…), Home Education Services (Tutors, Students leaders…), Personal Wellness Services (Coaches, Trainers, Gym Instructors…) And many more…


At TheHoppingRabbit, we designed our THR Business Services Network program to provide simplified migration, easy to use, gain benefits of mass services collaboration and structured framework in which we can work together to meet our mutual business objectives.  Join our THR Business Services Network Today!! 

Our Representative Team will contact you within 2 weeks time 

We will contact you very soon!Thank You for submitting!

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