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As part of our ongoing Strategic Goals of providing more eCommerce solutions, TheHoppingRabbit proudly to introduce SQUATWOLF's class quality products into our website and we are honored to be part of their global growth. 

SQUATWOLF is the Number 1 Fitness Apparel Brand in the Middle-East. Now rapidly growing on a global scale serving customers and athletes in 120+ countries.

Gym Athletes shouldn’t compromise on ‘Performance’ for ‘Style’ or ‘Fit’. They need gear that accentuates their v-tapered physique. Gear that fits right and is especially made for their ‘athletic shaped bodies’.

SQUATWOLF works with gym athletes from different backgrounds to make sure our fit is true to their size and fits perfectly in the right areas and on the right muscles. SQUATWOLF call it “True Athletic Fit®“.

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